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Conusg Bed & Breakfast

Conusg Bed and Breakfast  - Terms and Conditions.



If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms on arrival, or have been asked to Quarantine whilst en-route to Skye, or are found to be travelling from or through a restricted area, you will be denied entry to Conusg. 


We can only accept bookings of 2 or more nights at the present time.


In Normal Conditions: A deposit of 25% of the value of your planned stay is payable on booking. Payment to be made via STRIPE - the Safe and Secure On-line payment portal. This Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

**  Under Covid-19 Regulations:

 We have introduced Flexible Reservations on DIRECT BOOKINGS ONLY for the remainder of 2021.

 A MINIMAL (£1.00!)  non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking to ensure the integrity of our booking service, but should any Local Lockdown be extended or re-imposed, or any closure due to Covid Quarantine be required, we will contact you to organise an alternative date for your stay, or you can Cancel at NO EXTRA CHARGE and sacrifice your £1.00 as a donation to our local Foodbank.


Our Cancellation Policy is 48 hours prior to arrival. This means that if you cancel within 48 hours of your due arrival time, we will request a further payment to total the value of the first night of your stay.

**  Under Covid-19 Regulations, this Cancellation Policy MAY be amended.


Should you choose to leave before your scheduled departure date* the 48 hour Cancellation Policy will apply.

*Provided all services and facilities as advertised within this Website are, and remain, available to you for the duration of your planned stay.

**  Under Covid-19 Regulations, this Policy MAY be amended.


We have one travel cot available for babies up to 9 months of age, with a daily charge for the cot and its linens. Please note, we do NOT offer baby-minding / listening services. We supply one portable, fabric high-chair for use in your  Breakfast Kitchen. We are also happy for children up to around 4 years of age to use our Floor Futon in the same room as their parents  at no extra charge - again, one child only. Children using a separate bed / room of their own will be charged as per an Adult.


If you find any aspect of your stay unsatisfactory, please let us know so we can try to rectify the problem. We live on-site and so are generally able to sort out any difficulties quickly and effectively. In the case of genuine and justifiable complaints, we may be willing to waive our early departure charges.

  This is a Smoke Free Property. You can see our No Smoking Policy Here:


We are now FULLY BOOKED for the Summer of 2022.

For pre-booked Guests: please note that  to help stop the further spreading of  the latest Variant of Covid-19 in our fragile Island Community, we are maintaining  a number of Covid protocols, including WEARING MASKS  in the entrance hallway.



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