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Conusg Bed & Breakfast



The Covid-19 pandemic means that Conusg Bed and Breakfast, like all other accommodation providers in the UK, is currently having to adapt to changing conditions on an ongoing basis.

By sharing our plans, we hope to reassure you that your personal safety and booking security are paramount.

At some point, all restrictions will be lifted – we hope! – but until then, here are a few points of relevant information:

Is my Deposit Refundable?

We have introduced Flexible Reservations on DIRECT BOOKINGS ONLY for the remainder of SUMMER 2021.
 A MINIMAL (£1.00!)  non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking to ensure the integrity of our booking service, but should any Local Lockdown be extended or re-imposed, or any closure due to Covid Quarantine be required, we will contact you to organise an alternative date for your stay, or you can Cancel at NO EXTRA CHARGE and sacrifice your £1.00 as a donation to our local Foodbank.
So whether you're dreaming of visiting Skye for the first time, looking forward to a return to Portree or just keen to have a holiday to look forward to, read on - but if you are still unsure – then please #staysafe  #stayathome.

What if one of my party falls ill or is asked to Quarantine on the way to Conusg?

Please read the above Answer regarding Deposit Refunds. This applies to all pre-booked stays here at Conusg. However, if you are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms on arrival, or have been asked to Quarantine whilst en-route to Skye, or are found to be travelling from or through a restricted area, you will be denied entry to Conusg, as per our updated Terms and Conditions as here:
You should therefore check your holiday insurance policy before travelling and ensure you have alternative arrangements in place should this scenario arise, as neither Conusg, nor the Scottish Government, will cover the cost of accommodation elsewhere or additional food costs in these circumstances.

What special measures are you taking to maintain Covid specific Hygienic cleaning?

It is up to individual businesses to prove that they can open up in a safe manner, in line with Government guidance. Our property has always been highly rated for its’ cleanliness, but we have now incorporated additional Housekeeping UK Covid-19 rules, to be sure your rooms and ours are all kept as clean, safe and hygienic as possible, including a minimum 24-hour “Rest” period between bookings to ensure minimal risk to the health and welfare of all of our Guests. Full copies of our Covid-Cleaning Checklists are available for you to read in your Self Contained Suite.

How do we collect the keys to enter our Accommodation?

Due to current social distancing measures, check in instructions will be messaged to you before your arrival. Your Host lives on-site  and is only a call away if you need assistance – 074  19 14 14 19.


We are now FULLY BOOKED for the Summer of 2022.

For pre-booked Guests: please note that  to help stop the further spreading of  the latest Variant of Covid-19 in our fragile Island Community, we are maintaining  a number of Covid protocols, including WEARING MASKS  in the entrance hallway.



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