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Conusg Bed & Breakfast


We offer Free Wi-Fi to our paying guests throughout the house. You will be given the Passcode on arrival.

We ask you DO NOT abuse this service by over-use, or by trying to access wrongful sites. We reserve the right to terminate your connection if this is suspected.

You may be unused to the relatively slow speed of service here in Portree.  It may take a couple of tries before your device connects.

Remember - the more devices you are using in your room, the slower they will be....










Although all areas of Scotland are currently still under Level Zero restrictions,

we have decided to TEMPORARILY CLOSE

until the New Year at the earliest.

We hope this will  help stop the seeding and spreading

of the latest Variants of Covid-19

from hospitality settings

out into our fragile Island Community.


Click anywhere on this page to continue to our Website to see our great new SELF-CONTAINED SUITE of rooms on the First Floor.