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Conusg Bed & Breakfast

Covid Regulations 

Every Tourism and Hospitality Business in Scotland MUST develop and provide for Guests an Operational Guide (Checklist) under the Scottish Government "(COVID-19) - Statutory Guidance for Hospitality Businesses" in order to remain operational at this time.

For the purposes of this Checklist, Conusg Bed and Breakfast is classed as a "Small/Micro Tourism/Hospitality establishment," defined as “Premises (inc. accommodation providers) less than 250m2.” 

A full list of Actions that Tourism and Hospitality businesses must take, and how Conusg is meeting and/or surpassing the required Standards, is available in your Self-Contained Suite. A copy can be forwarded to you on request at the time of your booking.

All areas of Scotland are now under Level Zero restrictions.

However, some protective measures remain in place. If you are visiting Conusg,  please abide by remaining safety measures:


          In respect of Conusg Bed and Breakfast, we take this to be a MINIMUM and prefer to maintain the 2m distance apart.

          This remains MANDATORY in Scotland, and so still applies here at Conusg.

  Also remember: You must CONTINUE to wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets across Scotland.

If you are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms on arrival,

or have been asked to Quarantine by NHS Test and Trace, you will be denied entry to Conusg.

If you are unsure whether to proceed, please call us on 074 19 14 14 19 to discuss.

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